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The Path to Expertise

The Building Blocks for Success

Explore cybersecurity basics in Level 1, gaining insights into threats and penetration testing. That said, keep in mind that basic computer experience is required for this course. You will learn hardware, OS basics, and gain essential IT skills. Levels 2 and 3 will take you to a deeper dive into the IT infrastructure, covering troubleshooting, networking, and software operations. You will gain hands-on experience with multiple operating systems, internet protocols, and cloud resources, emphasizing real-world applications.

The last course in Primary Series focuses on network and system administration, delving into networking fundamentals, server management, and network security. Understand the OSI model, advanced IP networking, and master network device management. Develop the best skills in operating system administration, automation, and security practices. This immersive program equips you to navigate the rapidly evolving world of technology, paving your way for a successful career in cybersecurity or IT infrastructure.

Program length:

Primary Series

Program Length: 36 weeks
From Level 1 to Level 4


  • Level 1: Basic computer experience required.
  • Level 2 – Level 4: Basic algebra knowledge, completion of previous level(s) or experience in the relevant fields.
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Becoming a Powerful Cybersecurity Professional

In our Advanced Cybersecurity Series, you’ll master cost-effective security controls aligned with industry standards. Gain expertise in threat analysis, data protection, and advanced DLP tool configuration. Work with hands-on projects that will teach you attack prevention, detection, and response, including forming incident-handling teams. Dive into cloud security principles, identify, mitigate, and defend against various threats, focusing on web application attacks and resilient system design. Lastly, learn from industry leaders’ experiences and become job-ready from day one after graduation.

Beyond technical skills, our program also offers career development support. Access career coaching and a Talent Portal that will connect you with the best employers for your skills. Learn job research, ace technical interviews, and navigate your first day at work with confidence.

Program length:

Advanced Cyber Operations

Program Length: 46 weeks


  • Strong technical knowledge of Operating systems, Applications and Networking.
  • Finished Primary Series, or prior experience in the relevant fields. 
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Key Features of our Ops & Cybersecurity Program

Hands-On Experience

Learn by doing. Gain experience with hands-on projects that simulate real-world cybersecurity challenges to better prepare yourself for the challenges outside of our academy.

Expert Mentors

Learn from industry professionals who fuse their vast work experience with the curriculum. Let them help you paint a better picture of the cybersecurity world and inspire you for success.

In-Course Career Coaching

Take advantage of our in-course career services, including interview preparation, resume review, building a network and job placement assistance.

Career Paths

  • System Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Security Engineer  
  • Penetration Tester  
  • Security Operations Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Specialist 
  • Vulnerability Assessment Analyst 
  • IT Security Administrator 

A career in the cyber world awaits. Take the first step by enrolling!